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 Zara I . t System Management Essay

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1 . Company presentation2

SAP CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (Customer Romantic relationship Management)10


SAP ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (Enterprise Source Planning)10

SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)11

SAP SRM (Supplier Romantic relationship Management)11


Computers started to be used for a commercial level in fifties. At that moment in time they could provide a better storage and usage of info. An early Administration Information System (MIS) encompassed a high quantity input info which was further processed then the output data was used to get managerial decisions. (Curtis & Cobham, 2005)

In today's economic circumstances, technologies, human creativity and Internet support the constant change in business structure. Technology is definitely progressing day by day, new innovations like Net, 3D stamping, biotechnology will revolutionize education, manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors. This enables a big change from an actual space to a more effective and effecient virtual space, internet. (Heath, 2012)

Our company is facing a shift from the outdated fashion multi-level pyramidal organization to a fresh more flattening business in which information flow is very quickly and affordable. Old style physical channels of transmitting information happen to be replaced with a straightforward click in the World Wide Web (www) digital environment (Laudon & Laudon, 2010).

ZARA example

1 . Business presentation

Inditex Group is one of the biggest fashion suppliers in the world owning more than 75 companies with different industries of activity. Its unique business design set the foundation for one from the leading brands in international fashion market called Zara.

Zara can be an eco-friendly retail organization and includes more than your five, 000 retailers situated in primary locations much more than 500 cities on five regions. (Inditex, 2012) 1 . Zara's Information Program

An info Technology (IT) structure implements the business approach in the global Information Program (IS) of most business orders. So a brand new an updated IT mixed with a continuous improvement strategy allows the company to reach sustainable development on most business capabilities and at any level of activity. (Laudon & Laudon, 2010)

2 . 1 Zara's horizontal model of information flow and up and down Integration strategy Zara lateral information stream is one of the primary competitive positive aspects features of the company; it indicates input into the business CAN BE from all parties involved as it can be noticed in the following stand.

The features of this form of information style sustain Zara competitive benefits in the subsequent way: -- Low split structure info flow;

- Low barriers for information type;

- Fluid exchange details at any bureaucratic level;

-- Bi-directional interaction circuit at all managerial amounts; - High transmission acceleration;

- Limited relation using interested functions: suppliers, customers, employees, competitors and others. Zara's vertically the usage strategy produces a strong hyperlink between major business features of the company and maintains the company to develop strong selling strategy. Hence Zara permits a quick response to all market's changes having the generic identity of Fast Fashion Company. Zara pyramidal decision making:

2. Strategic level: Head Office director decide the long run strategies wedding caterers to the overall development of the business enterprise.

5. Tactical level: seasonal decisions, thus short term goals, happen to be implemented by the Regional Managers which communicate them to the Store Manager

* Detailed level: gathering information by using a personnel digital assistant (PDA) and maintains the good customer regards through a Point-of-Sales (POS) program (Market directed strategy)

Zara's main organization functions, description and evaluation

Style and Design and style Function

They consists of designers, product development employees and finding specialists. They can be...

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