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Nowadays migrants is very common and common in the world, but especially in

America, The european union and those countries which are deemed powerful, solid in economy

and other systems of government. There are a lot of legal and unlawful immigrants by all

over the world in the united states of America. But the problem is: should certainly we enable

unlawful people to stay?

First of all I'd like to discuss how people enter the UNITED STATES. It's easy to get across the

USA's boundary legally. Some people come to see with traveler visas, scholar visas, several

of which with function and study visas, nevertheless majority of these people decide to overstay their visas and

they become unlawful immigrants. The drawbacks happen to be: they can't job or analyze, they can't

have medical insurance and for many reasons they have difficult experience and can't find their particular

put in place the USA.

Now I'd like to talk about below what circumstances we should let people to stay.

The first criteria is folks who regularly shell out their taxation, the second the first is immigrants

who live in America a lot more than 10 years and they are appropriate for this country by defending

the law. I believe in this case there may be also considered intelligent, well-informed and

skillful immigrants to stay, mainly because their brains and experience will be useful for this

country. America should make use of these clever people. I suppose the USA need to allow people to

arrive in America in the event that they have medical problems, in the event that they want to about the education, in the event

they will seek political asylum. While the USA contains a lottery to get a green greeting card, it means this country needs thousands of foreign nationals every year.

In conclusion today America approximately should allow all the unlawful immigrants stay

with this country and also have all important documents that really needs any self-employed American

person, of course if a person didn't go crime. And then it will be significant to take

all kind of visas under a strict control.

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