Technology and Advancement

 Technology and Innovation Dissertation

1Executive Summary

Our company is called " Innovative Organization”; a new proven company which can be looking for speedy expansion in market. Like a company, we wish to create trend in charms and accessories that includes computerized advantages for users. As mentioned above our company's items are components and jewelries that include digital technology which will warns customers when they obtain sms, mms, e-mails and incoming calls. Instead of carrying tons of things in your pocket, you can use digital pendant, wristband, chaplet or band and still retain fashionable. Each of our product will let you decrease quantity of items that customers carry in their pockets or hand bags. This product helps customers to keep connected to whenever you want to their various other digital products including laptops, tablets and cell phones. In other words the customers will stay fashionable whilst they are using our item to decrease quantity of items that they can do not need to carry with them all instances. With the help of our product, clients no need to examine their digital devices for incoming phone calls or message; they will be notified when they received it. An additional feature of the product is, is actually personal and our consumers can use this as a reminder for his or her jobs in their very own calendar or perhaps could help to keep in mind customer's personal passwords. Last but not least, our company would like to expand in digital charms market using its unique designs and positive aspects that it delivers to our consumers while keeping our clients still popular.


As our company deals with building new Technology and solutions intended for the new technology of tech savvy buyers, encouraging the employees to create new tips to meet the important needs of shoppers is a component to our business plan. We put aside one hour every week for employees to interact themselves in generating suggestions using different idea era tools to help these groups come up with various products and solutions inside our line of business. The brand new product, Merely In Time has become incredible from the use of various Idea Generation equipment. Idea Technology tools utilized by our personnel:


Using this application our employees came up with a large number of interesting suggestions, a few outshined the others. Good examples: Digital Travel Cards intended for the NSW Government, Suitable adaptors that beat the space problem to get multiple brain, Fog-free mirrors and goblet etc . •Problem Solving

•Targeted Innovation

As our company is based on digital creativity and wearable technological solutions, our staff are encouraged to create ideas transfered in this stream. 3Idea selection

Everyone part of the group presented the problems annoying these people in the daily life, which are heavy steam on the eyeglasses when the temp changed all of a sudden, the dock in the powerpoint cannot be plugged into because the assembler next to it is too big, the sound or vibration from your phone could be ignored because of the bigger size of mobile plus the bus credit card in Sydney can be easily damaged due to the material. Therefore , one idea has been selected from these types of four tips through two idea collection methods that happen to be concept screening process and 6 hats thinking. The criteria from the concept screening are listed in four factors which are availability, innovation level necessity plus the future of the further innovation. The rating of each criteria is among -1 and 1 position for the disagreement, natural and consent. The result of concept screening is showed below Table 1 Idea Verification Selection


CriteriaGlasses with no steamPowerpointWatch linked to phoneTransportation Cards Availability+3+5+3+5

Development degree-1+2+2-1


further innovation-50+1-4


The powerpoint watching has have scored the two highest marks along the way of testing. As a result, the other idea selection technique named half a dozen hats considering has been chosen to evaluate those two ideas.

Stand 2



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