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Of Reckoning From the beginning:

A Way to seeking Beliefs in Good Earnest

Idea of Technology

Degree Pitch

for the

Unique & Interdisciplinary Studies

at the

Metropolis University of New York

by simply

Robert Kai Erlenbusch


The general books regarding the analysis and power of the Viewpoint of Research emphasizes the gulf among various colleges within Humanities and those in the Sciences. The discipline where I feel the interpretative difference exists more gravely than others is at Political Beliefs, particularly the interpretations made by several philosophers of Consent & Contract theory.

In delivering this Interdisciplinary Curriculum Proposal, I wish to incorporate Philosophy of Science and Anthropology as to reevaluate classical notions in the " Regulations of Nature" & the " Mother nature of Man" as it is weighed by universities within Humanities.

Seeking this secondary degree is not an abandonment of my hobbies in Political Science, especially since this decision is heavily influenced by simply my brought on into the mind of Thomas Hobbes. Rather, it requires delving into something much more critical to my core as I attempt to find a great axiomatic basis for perspective. What I present here is completely about making a proper foundation of knowledge regarding become well-learned in beliefs and its ramifications found within the fields of Physics, Biology, and Anthropology. Describing this proposal is accomplished by tracing through my personal various influences as it pertains to every single subject stated, including: Thomas Hobbes, Stanley Salthe, Bertrand Russell, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Roland Omnès, and Jared Diamonds.

Prospective Program

Spring 2013

Epistemology: Theory of Knowledge (PHIL 3410)

MW 9: 05-10: 45 (Brooklyn College)

Traditional and contemporary theories in the nature expertise and opinion. Discussion of skepticism, rationalism, empiricism, coherentism, foundationalism. Analysis of such concepts as probability, certainty, understanding, evidence, real truth.

Philosophy of Biology (PHIL 3611) MW 11: 00AM-12: 15PM (Brooklyn College) Intense study of selected areas in the beliefs of biology including the beginning of your life: teleological, efficient, and mechanistic explanations; the idea of evolution and the neo-Darwinian synthesis; reductionism, genetics, and hierarchies; taxonomy and the kinds problem; and sociobiology.

Philosophical Issues in Cognitive Science (PHIL 3422) TTh doze: 45-2PM (Brooklyn College) Summary of select foundational issues in cognitive science. Consideration of such topics as idea formation, that means, representation, language, reasoning, intelligence, rationality, the human mind, and machine intelligence.

Anthropology of Race (ANTH 32558) M 5: 30-7: 20PM (Hunter College)

End of Summertime (Austria)

fifth Annual Wittgenstein Summer School/36th Annual Conference, seminar

7th – 10th of August (Summer School)

11th - seventeenth of August (Symposium)

Land 2013

Idea of Mathematics (PHIL 3610) MW 9: 30AM-10: 45AM (Brooklyn College) Introduction to viewpoint of math concepts. Classical philosophers of math (Pythagoreans, Bandeja, Aristotle, Margen, Mill). Key 20th hundred years schools (logicism, intuitionism, formalism). Recent advancements (realism/nominalism debate, structuralism, idea of collection theory).

Beliefs of Nature (PHIL 3620) MW 11: 00AM-12: 15PM

(Brooklyn College)

A critical examination of the development of hypotheses of characteristics, life, and cosmology. Time-honored and contemporary issues in natural philosophy. Such issues as the structure from the natural world, the nature of space and period, theories of the organism, classic debates regarding mechanism, vitalism, atomism and monism, determinism, the connection between Our god and mother nature. Views on problems in normal philosophy of such thinkers as Anaximander, Democritus, Avenirse, Aristotle, Epicurus, Aquinas, Descartes, Gassendi, Boyle, Locke, Leibniz, Hume.

City Sustainability Theory (ECON 3251) TTH 2: 15PM- several: 55PM

(Brooklyn College)...

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