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Interview which has a Manager

Drive 1st. 2014


I actually met for coffee with Gretchen Knipfel, Regional Manager of Marketing and Sales in Our House Older Living. Our House provides aided care, memory care and senior apartments in a residential setting where residents have the ability to maintain associations and stay active inside their community. Our home has been a principal living resource in Wisconsin and Minnesota for over 15 years. Gretchen's territory provides care for one hundred sixty five residents. She has been used for the company for over 3 years.

Compassionate, identified, well spoken and manly are words that ideal describe Gretchen. Gretchen can be 53 years of age, a mother of 2 daughters, belongs to the community Curling Team, is an enthusiastic golfer and enjoys sailing. She managed to graduate from UW Stout with a Bachelor's Level in Retail Marketing.

Her education has offered her chances in various careers. Her first task out of school was a great Assistant Buyer in selling in Minneapolis. As the industry began to vary retail had not been at the superior. She then simply chose a several career path in real estate. Property became incredibly lucrative so she moved back to Wisconsin to continue a profession in Area Development Sales for fun and pension. About some years afterwards she ended up a job because the Executive Director in community creation for metropolis of Ripon Chamber of Commerce.

Right after her career with the Associated with Ripon your woman was committed and later had two children. She began working in Real Estate and Financial in countryside Wisconsin for a few as her schedule was more flexible and less demanding.

Her mom was clinically determined to have Alzheimer's Disease and eventually started to be a patient by a local aided living center and was later admitted to a CBRF with The hospice care facility. Within 30 days of entrance Elaine got passed away.

Your life experience had taken Gretchen to a new found passion to educate family members about the options for their loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease....

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