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Journal of Management and Sustainability; Volume. 2, No . 2; 2012 ISSN 1925-4725

E-ISSN 1925-4733

Published by simply Canadian Center of Science and Education

The Advantages of Green Supervision for Hotel Competitiveness in Taiwan: Inside the Viewpoint of Senior Resort Managers

Ying-Chang Chen1 & Yu-Ta Chen2


Office of Motel and Restaurant Management, Ching Kuo Start of Management and Overall health, Keelung Town, Taiwan (R. O. C. )


Department of International Business, Kainan School, Taoyuan, Taiwan (R. Um. C. )

Correspondence: Ying-Chang Chen, Division of Lodge and Cafe Management, Ching Kuo Start of Supervision and Well being, No . 336 Fu-Hsing Rd., Keelung Town 20301, Taiwan (R. Um. C. ). Tel: 886-2-2437-2093. E-mail: [email protected] cku. edu. tw

Received: January some, 2012

doi: 10. 5539/jms. v2n2p211

Recognized: April twenty four, 2012

Online Published: Come july 1st 5, 2012



The objective of this study is to look into the advantages of green management for lodge competiveness depending on the standpoint of resort senior managers. Case study and in-depth interview are used while our study method. The finding with this study would be that the two hotels from our example have efficiently reduced all their operation cost as well as entire society cost after employing green managing. The accommodations also gained intangible property and company effect just like reputation and brand effects with green management. Throughout the interviews with hotel elderly managers, all of us learned that resorts can achieve the standard of green business through self-examining 5 keys, namely green buy, environmental insurance plan, management system, staff education, and consumer education respectively. This may also strengthen hotels' key competiveness in the aspect of environmental protection and overall health as well as emphasize hotels' features. The findings of this analyze can provide valuable information pertaining to other green hotels.

Keywords: senior administrator, green managing, green motel, in-depth interview 1 . Background and Motives

Air pollution is significantly produced by strength over-consumption these recent years, which caused various environmental concerns. The speed of energy consumption is usually far further than that of refurbishment. Therefore , the idea of environmental supervision and energy sustainable usage has been suggested more often than never before. Environmental security is a major task that individuals need to take actions upon. On the contrary, environmental polluting of the environment and its negative impacts will be brought about when people are centering on economic progress and tourism development. Hotel industry is among the major parts in travel development, so it consumes very long resource and energy that is known. If green management can be effectively implemented, not only can cost-effective, although also the negative environmental impacts may be reduced. Hotel industry throughout the world is currently getting more and more concerned about environmental issues. Bohdanowicz and Martinac (2007) indicated that 75% of environmental polluting of the environment caused by resort industry was from over-consuming energy, drinking water, and components while functioning business. The waste drinking water, fume, and materials dismissed during the procedure would trigger negative effects on kinds of living conditions. Thus, without right design and plan, environment would be affected in an undesired way. The idea of environment safety and energy saving can cause green supervision into lodge facility development. If lodge industry can easily put the concept of green supervision into practice, not only will it benefit environmental and environmental protection, but it really would likewise reduce hotel operation expense. Moreover, green marketing can attract customers who will be in favor of similar idea too.

For example , the heating system of Far Eastern Plaza hotel, a good that implemented the idea of green hotel inside the early level, uses air-exchange in winter, which will save averagely 300 tons of oil comparable electricity every single day. In summer season, they...

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