Floor Systems

 Floor Systems Essay

01 flooring system


The idea of the floor System


Floor program are a building's primary aspect supports both loads: a) Live load- I. electronic people, removable equipment) b) Dead loads-(weight of ground construction itself) Floor program transfers loads to: column column or perhaps bearing surfaces.

A building, on walk out or in a upper degree of a building or framework, on which persons walk or place household furniture or appliances. It is part of a room or perhaps space that forms it can lower enclosing surface.

01 floor program

A floor system may composed of: series of geradlinig beams and joist overlaid with a aircraft of sheathing OR Homogeneous slab of reinforced concrete floor To distinct components of the floor are: 1 . A sub-floor / bottom course 2 . Floor covering Materials for ground floor construction are: -bricks -Stones -wood -concrete

01 floors system

The depth from the floor building and the starting with in it should be considered if it is to accommodate mechanical or power line with in the floor system.

Factors to consider in selection of a floor finish and system contain: Durability Resistance maintenance

01 floor program

Functional need The floor need to satisfy many requirements in its design and construction. The necessity are: 1 . Strength and Stability An integral part of the framework element of home to form a strict component. Has to be strong to face up to impact and superimposed deceased & live loads. Zero movement. installment payments on your Fire level of resistance Prevent the propagate of fire. Must not be readily butano. 3. Wet resistance Wetness will take the floor damp, awesome and not comfortable and may trigger decay to the floor finish(I. e wood & carpet) 4. Audio insulation Thickness and form of joints style affect transmitting of sound. Degree of audio insulation be based upon the type of building. 5. Cold weather insulation In cold countries, the floor style will identify the type of padding.

01 flooring system


Come in fundamentally the following types:


These are generally concrete, in some cultures they are really mud.

Framed floors

These kinds of consist of wood framed and steel framed.

Suspended flooring surfaces

These can be any of the over three. Slabs

01 flooring system

Concrete floor

There are 4 major reasons why we use a cement floor slab:

Economy – cheap, plethora Easy and familiarity – utilized thousands of years, incredibly familiar structure technique. Flexibility of available surface finishes – carpet, tiles, wood floor, plastic tiles etc . Strength and durability – combine with steel to have a very high compression strength. Low in tensile strength but make use of steel support to increase tensile strength.

01 ground system

Concrete floor floor

A concrete slab has a couple of main capabilities;

1 . To transmit the superimposed loads to the assisting ground, growing point lots to ensure bearing capacity with the ground is usually not surpassed. 2 . To receive a floor end appropriate for the user's needs

01 floor system


What is Concrete floor?

Concrete – A General Classification A conglomerated artificial natural stone like material made by mixing cement, drinking water and aggregates in specific proportions, at times with chemical admixtures added, and putting the mix into varieties to set and harden. Cement is either combined on web page, or delivered by mixer trucks in a plastic express ready for use. Concrete properties can be customized by modifications in our proportions from the constituents materials, or through additives. To get structural functions concrete is definitely reinforced with steel bars or cloth,

to overcome the low tensile strength of ordinary concrete.

01 floor system

Concrete ground


The thickness from the slab as well as the reinforcement we will use, are determined by • • • an examination of existing soil condition fill material and type of loading

01 floor system

Concrete ground

Factors of difficulties

These kinds of interesting elements are as follows;

1 . Large slabs of concrete increase and deal with changes in heat...

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