Effects of Technology

 Effects of Technology Essay

Advancement in technology features affected many people in many ways. New technology offers altered individuals consciousness, vocabulary, and the way society sights the world. Technological advancements have made the world small, and have made things simpler. Computers have been the developments that have advanced so much since they were created and have acquired such a huge impact on mankind. Computers had been originally designed to use for doing calculations and have come to the stage that people cannot function normally without them. " Humans had been once considered to get superior to all other creatures of the Earth. The reason for human supremacy was the capability to think, procedure data, shop information, and perform calculations" (Silver, 5). Until the second half of the twentieth century, nothing could carry out these tasks faster and more accurately compared to the human head.

Use of Computers

" Computers 1st became available in the early 1954s to be utilized as " super calculators" for control numbers. Ever since then, computers include evolved into something much superior" (Silver, 10). Most of the reason for the rapid growth and popularity of computers was an increase in paperwork in business and government. " More forms, letters, memos, reports, correspondence, and documents are made in one day today than were produced in the entire nineteenth century" (Silver, 13). Persons came to understand that the computer is a good, most efficient, timesaving tool to regulate information. In 1950 there are only twelve or so considerable computers in the usa. By 75 the number experienced grown to 155, 1000. Soon after came the invention of minicomputers, microprocessors, and computer's desktop computers. By 1990s, a personal computer acquired grown to become necessity in almost every home and business. Within just three decades, the computer has become essential to organization, industry, government, in school, and home. Computer system literacy is now...

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