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Diaoyu Islands


Senkaku Islands

Course: China and tiawan Minor- Location, History and Politics

Date: 27 February 2013


Section of the ChinaMinor are the courses of GHP, which is short for Geography, History and National politics. At this course we have to learn all kind of things concerning these subjects like the time of the lignage and the trip of Ambito Polo to China.

Component to our indicate for GHP is to write an article about a specific subject relates to China. This issue we got was the conflict between China and Japan regarding the Diaoyu islands.

The islands were a lot in the media last few week. For example BBC media wrote a lot about this discord. That is the reason why this discord is so interesting; it goes back in history for many year, yet at the same time it can be still actual.

Previous development of this kind of conflict went out with from the beginning of the month, the moment Japan noticed Chinese warships near to these kinds of islands. They will called it " dangerous” and " regrettable”. Yet why began China this action? What precedes to this and why cannot both parties turn out this issue? These are some examples we wanted to find out and investigated.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents3


Earlier good the Diaoyu Islands. a few

Recent history in the Diaoyu Destinations or Senkaku Islands. six

Current disputes7

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The japanese – General point of view7

Ministry of Overseas Affairs of Japan – Short-term history7

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Householder's Republic of China – General point of view8

The Ministry of International Affairs from the People's Republic of China – Initial history9

Ministry of Overseas Affairs from the Republic of China – General stage of view9

China Federation for Defending the Diaoyu Islands9

Action Committee to get Defending the Diaoyu Islands10

United States – General point of view10

Anti-Japanese emotion in China10




The well-known Diaoyu Islands in China, often known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan and Tiaoyutai Destinations in Taiwan, are a band of uninhabited island destinations controlled simply by Japan. Azure China because Japan thinks these islands belongs to all of them. Both parties get their own disputes why they presume so. You will find an overview of those arguments down the road this dissertation. Figure one particular

Figure one particular

China discovered these destinations in the fourteenth century, when Japan said them since the late 1800's. Officially the hawaiian islands belong to The japanese.

They are positioned in the East China Marine. About 330 kilometres from the coast of Wenzhou, Cina, around 170 kilometres away from Taiwan and around 168 kilometres north of Ishigaki, Japan, as if you can see in figure 1 .

The two names The japanese and Chinese suppliers gave to islands mean fishing.

Early good the Diaoyu Islands.

The first records found of such islands may date back to the fifteenth century. The hawaiian islands were described in different Chinese books from 1403 and 1534. For example the book: ‘Voyage with a End Wind'. These types of books illustrate that China had previously discovered and adopted the islands on the soberano map in the Ming Dynasty. In this century they already named the islands Diaoyu Dao. In this time the imperial process of law of the Ming and Qing Dynasties delivered imperial envoys to Ryukyu twenty-four occasions. The Diaoyu Islands were exactly located on their route to Ryukyu. Several records were found of those islands in several reports written by Chinese real envoys during that time period.

The waters around Diaoyu Dao are typically Chinese sportfishing ground. To get generations Chinese fishermen have got engaged in sportfishing activities during these waters. As well in the past the Chinese people used the Diaoyu Islands as a course-plotting marker if they came back from a journey.

As well these island destinations were applied as a coastal front series in the battle...

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