Case Study: Leading Organisational Change: Improving Hospital Functionality

 Case Study: Leading Organisational Alter: Improving Medical center Performance Article

MSc in Health Care Administration 2011

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin.

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Managing People and Organisations


Case Study: Leading Efficiency Change: Increasing Hospital Performance •

Seriously discuss the sources of amount of resistance encountered by Tracey Can burn and her team? Support your conversation with evidence-based literature.

Explore the approaches they will used to control the level of resistance and vitally evaluate the efficiency of those methods, drawing on your learning from the module and key literature sources.




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Resistance to change


Requirement for change


Sources of level of resistance encountered by simply Tracy Can burn


Altered perception, meaning and obscure strategic goals


Low motivation

on the lookout for

Lack of innovative response


Political & cultural deadlocks


Other sources


Resisting the amount of resistance






Appendix I


Appendix II


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" Few may have the success to bend history on its own; but every single of us can work

to change a small portion of situations, and in the whole; of all these acts,

will be written a brief history of this generation”

(Robert Farreneheit. Kennedy)


With the fast sequence of events around us, it can be difficult to retain pace. It may sometimes allow you to shy away and force you to cage yourselves in your shells. Majority of all of us feel satisfied with status quo and do not want TRANSFORM. Change can be frightening because it's hidden. Present is usually tested and moulded well. But nothing stays on forever. Present becomes the past and upcoming has to be accepted or else you become history. This holds true for people as well as organisations.

Although the time scale has been the same, yet it feels that past 50 years have perhaps recently been the " fastest span” in the human history. The difference is rapidly taking place changes in most aspects of life. This is the time of information and technology. The world has become " united” (at least from technology stage of view). Nothing much stays top secret. For effective organisations, it truly is imperative being prepared to continually change. Achievement and inability are often directly related to advancement and evolution. Hospital enterprise is different in several ways, when compared to managing a conventional " for-profit” business, yet medical care 4

could hardly stay unfamiliar to their surroundings. With, the associated with technological breakthroughs in the field of recovering diseases, elevating population, increasing political and social needs / restrains, it becomes essential for the health proper care organisations to exhibit adaptability and change for improving their providers.

Despite every one of the scientific innovations and understanding of human psychology, the 70 percent failure level of transform initiatives has remained disarmingly secure over the past 14 years. (Balogun, & Hope Hailey, 2004). In the following paragraphs, the case of Tracy Burns up of Full Edgar Hospitals NHS Trust will be reviewed, who acted as an agent to bring regarding changes on the three hostipal wards in the Trust. The main reasons behind changing processes at the Trust were pressure by adverse media insurance coverage over it is waiting list problems and financial deficit. Change often incites amount of resistance. Tracy Melts away also found opposition to her efforts. The forces operating against Can burn will be addressed in more information and also a detailed study of resistance to alter will be provided.


Many writers (Lawrence, 1954; Maurer, mil novecentos e noventa e seis; Strebel, year 1994; Waddell and Sohal, 98; among others) stress the fact that reasons for the failure of many change pursuits can be found in resistance to change. Amount of resistance has also been regarded as a supply of information, being useful in understanding how to develop a easier change procedure (Beer and...

References: Expect Hailey, 2004). In the following paragraphs, the truth of Tracy Burns of King Edgar

Hospitals NHS Trust will be discussed, whom acted as an agent to create about improvements at the


A large number of authors (Lawrence, 1954; Maurer, 1996; Strebel, 1994; Waddell and Sohal, 1998;

becoming useful in understanding how to develop a more successful change method (Beer and

Eisenstat, mil novecentos e noventa e seis; Goldstein, 1988)

advantages of the transformation. Standard aim of company change is usually an variation to

the surroundings (Barr, Stimpert and Huff, 1992; Kid and Smith, 1987; Leana and Craig,

2000) or perhaps an improvement in performance (Boeker, 1997; Schmissig and Tushman, 1993). On one

hand, amount of resistance is a phenomenon that influences the alter process, stalling or reducing

its starting, obstructing or hindering the implementation, and increasing the costs (Ansoff,


level of resistance is equivalent to masse, as the persistence to avoid change (Maurer, 1996; Rumelt,

1995; Zaltman and Duncan, 1977)

process (Waddell and Sohal, 1998).

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